The Following Examples And Suggestions Are Intended For Those Who May Be New To The World Of Dominant-Submissive Relationships, So Take Them With A Grain Of Salt.

Inspiration And Understanding Into This Form Of Partnership Are All That Is Needed.


There Are Times When A Spanking Does Not Need To Constitute A Punishment. In Certain Cases, It’s Utilised To Signal To The Subordinate That Their Job Has Been Acknowledged And Appreciated.

However, If You Want To Hit Each Other, You Two Must Come To An Agreement. If You Need To Use Your Safe Word, Do So Here.

When You Leave The Home, You Won’t Be Wearing Panties

This Is A Simple But Effective Rule. As Long As The Submissive Does Not Injure The Dominant, He Is Safe.

On Demand Sex Will Be Yours.

Like Thus, He May Experience The Full Force Of Persecution. The Submissive Spouse Must Always Be Obedient To Their Superior At All Times.

Ask For Permission Before You Start Chopping

Nothing Else Needs To Be Said.

Remember Who You Are A Part Of.

The Submissive Should Not Have Any Other Sexual Relationships While In This Sort Of Partnership.

Having A Monogamous Relationship Tells The Dominant Person That They Are Completely In Control And Have Nothing To Compete For.

Subs Must Know Who They Belong To In Order For Dom Not To Doubt Their Commitment.

Make The Master Proud Of You.

Unless They Merit It, The Subordinate Does Not Have To Summon The Dominating Master.

Although Making Your Boss Proud Has A Deeper Significance. In Addition To Satisfying Your Loved One’s Bodily Demands, This Also Makes Them Proud In Every Part Of Your Life.

For Both Physical And Emotional Well-Being, You’ll Get A Feeling Of Success And Self-Confidence From This Experience.

The Words I Utter, The Actions I Take

There’s No Limit To The Judge’s Power. However, You Should Avoid Being Too Rigorous In This Regard.

When Something Doesn’t Feel Right, It’s Alright To Not Fit.

Even If You May Not Insist On Some Things While At Work, It’s A Good Idea To Tell Your Spouse About Them So That They Don’t Feel Pressured To Do So.

In The End, Everything Comes Down To The Transaction And How Well You Perform In It.

Final Comments.

I Understand That Some Of This May Seem Complicated Or Even Intimidating, But I Can Assure You That It Can Be Incredibly Romantic And Delightful For All Parties In The Relationship..

The Bdsm Pornography Is Really Nasty And Unrealistic, So Do Not Be Frightened Of It.

Respect And Care Are Essential Components Of A Healthy Dominant-Submissive Relationship, And Every Woman Seeks These Out In Her Partner.

The Only Difference Is That You Must Adhere To A Precise Set Of Guidelines In Order To Ensure That Both Parties Are Satisfied (Just Like 50 Shades Of Grey ).

While It May Not Go Exactly As Planned The First Time, You’ll Become Better And Better With Practise.

So, If You Give It A Go, You Could Fall Head Over Heels For This Way Of Life.

As The Dominant One, It Is Possible That You May Discover A Submissive Who Will Do Everything For You And Fulfil Your Every Want.

In Some Ways, They Are Superior Than The Conventional And Functioning Relationships That Most People Have.

Don’t Worry! Let Your Partner Know Even If You’re Simply Looking To Experiment A Bit While You’re Setting The Groundwork For Your Relationship.

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