Always Have A Safe Word Handy If You Wish To Begin This Sort Of Connection.

You Should Have A Safe Word For Your Subordinate To Speak So That You Know They Have To Stop Since Bdsm May Be Harmful Between The Pages.

If You Are In A Sexual Situation, Do Not Use Any Terms That You Normally Use. Let The Dominant Know That Something Is Wrong By Using An Unfamiliar Term.

You May Also Use Words To Signal That You Are Ok, That They Should Stop Right Away, Or That You Will Be Gravely Wounded If They Don’t.

The Green/Yellow/Red Scheme Is Widely Used Here. Colors Of Green, Yellow, And Red Are Used To Indicate “Continue,” “Be Cautious,” Or “Stop.” In Order For A Healthy Relationship To Develop, The Dominant Partner Must Adhere To The Safe Word.


For A Dominant-Submissive Relationship To Succeed, Both Parties Must Be In Good Health.

Good Sleep Habits, Low Alcohol Consumption, A Healthy Diet, And A Stress-Free Lifestyle Are All Part Of This.

Do Not Push Yourself To Spend Your Gold If Your Health Prevents You From Doing So.

As A Matter Of Fact, You Should Invest In Their Health And Allow Them Time To Recover So That You May Continue Your Connection As Before.

When It Comes To Experimenting, Be Sure You Have Each Other’s Permission First.

If You Feel That Your Spouse Is Unable To Continue To Satisfy You, Stop Having Sex.

Savour The Moment

You Have No Idea What You’re Doing. To Savour, Of Course. In Addition To Having A Good Time, You’re Also Hoping To Deepen Your Bond With Your Significant Other.

Unless You Respect Each Other, You Won’t Be Able To Obtain What You Want.

If You’re Going To Do Anything, Don’t Do It For The Sake Of Making Someone Happy Or Because It’s Simpler That Way.

Recall Why You Got Into This Situation In The First Place: To Get The Most Out Of Your Love Life.

Don’t Try To Push Each Other Above Their Limits Only To Get Even With Someone You Don’t Respect. Observe Their Expressions To Discover Whether They Are Pleased. Stop If You Can’t.


You Don’t Have To Dictate Every Move To Your Companion.

Begin The Connection Like You Would Any Other.

Recognize And Respect One Another’s Viewpoints. You Shouldn’t Do Anything Hurriedly. Patience Pays Off In The Long Run, As Your Spouse Will Be Grateful.

The Pressure Used To The Submissive Must Be Soft And Kind In Order To Create A Relaxing Mood.

No Offence Intended, But I Believe If You Put Up The Additional Effort And Patience With Your Spouse, Your Relationship Will Have A Greater Chance Of Success.

It’s Impossible For All Of Your Desires To Come True At Once. As A Leader Or Follower, Be Patient.

If You Don’t Pressure Your Spouse Into Doing Anything Immediately, You’ll Be Able To Relax And Have A Better Relationship With Each Other.

Keeping In Mind That You Are Both Individuals Who Need To Make The Most Of Your Situation Is Very Crucial To Remember.

The Regulations Must Be Obeyed.

Make Sure You Stick To The Guidelines You Established At The Beginning Of The Relationship.

Saying You Don’t Want To Do Anything Is Not An Excuse To Avoid Responsibility. If You’ve Established A Set Of Guidelines, Stick To Them.

This Is A Great Way To Establish Trust In A Relationship While Also Benefiting From Each Other’s Company.

You’re Not Abusing The Situation, And Your Companion Is Playing By The Rules. 

Make Sure You And Your Partner Stick To The Rules You’ve Agreed Upon, And If You Want To Make A Change, Tell Your Partner Before Or During Sex If You Intend To Do So.

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