Spanking Mistress London advises newcomers to keep things simple when it comes to bondage necessities. Pegging may be the ultimate aim, but you’ll have to get used to the position first. That might be scary, or it can complicate things and become more of a distraction than an improvement, so don’t bring in a tonne of tools.’ As a result, blindfolds are quite useful. There’s a good chance you have one laying around.

Because blindness intensifies all other reactions, people become hypersensitive to touch when their eyesight is restricted. It’s all about playing with your body’s natural reactions and enhancing your emotional response. Putting a blindfold on your lover while you’re massaging them can make them more sensitive to your touch and more appreciative of the simplest pleasures. Blindfolds may also be available in satiny fabrics, making them less threatening.’

You could be in charge for the first time and it might seem like you’ve had to perform,’ They says, implying that a blindfold can improve your self-confidence. With your partner’s eyes obstructed, you’re free to concentrate on your thoughts without having to worry too much about facial expressions. You’re really getting closer to them by putting up a barrier. It’s all about sensing and responding to one another’s nonverbal cues. You may observe your partner’s reactions to varied touches and, contrary to popular belief, really get closer by breaking the eye-to-eye contact.

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Restraint may be as easy as keeping your partner’s arms where you want them when you’re ready to enter into “formal bondage territory”. Try trapping their arms to the mattress if you’re on top. The next step is to take it to the next level if they enjoy it, adds East London Mistress

‘Suggest something like, ‘let’s do this again, but maybe we’ll use shackles this time, and then my hands are free to do other things to you while your hands are over your head”. There is nothing wrong with using your hands to explore and discover whether you enjoy the psychological effects of engaging in sexual play, just like spanking.’

‘We have a lot of people who are attempting bondage for the first time and will dig around in their drawers and think, ‘Oh we can use this stocking, or shirt tie, Spanking Mistress London explains in a video interview. For blindfolds, all of these materials are excellent. However, tying someone up for the first time with either of these objects isn’t ideal since you may accidentally create a knot that someone would have a hard time getting out of.

The stuff you already have around the home may be used to extend your horizons if you’d want. You don’t need to purchase anything except an ice cube tray to use ice cubes for temperature play, adds East London Mistress. Instead of running out and purchasing a slew of sexually explicit items, try using warm honey instead, which you almost certainly already have in your kitchen cabinet.