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How To Delay Male Ejaculation: Tips And Tricks For Black London Mistress

Who does not want to prolong the pleasure a little more when he is enjoying? Or being able to wait for the couple to climax together? Sounds great, right? Of course that is where the problem comes: how to delay male ejaculation when it is in full sexual heyday. And it is possible, although, as in everything, it takes a bit of technique, Black London Mistress practice and calm .

And in this matter we must not forget something very important, one of those problems that are ashamed (although it should not be) and that at some point has suffered up to a third of men: premature ejaculation.

Whatever the cause, desire or intention; if you just want to try or if you are wanting to drive your partner crazy with pleasure; If you have been going too fast lately or if you want to surprise (and very pleasantly, by the way) your boy with something new in your encounters, here we explain some tricks to delay male ejaculation .

Strategies that do work

The first thing you should know: when you are stressed , when anxiety invades you, it shows in everyone, absolutely in every aspect of your life . Sex is a great way to release tension, but you can create some more if you allow yourself to be carried away by stress and go faster than you should.

Going “straight to the point” is not going to help you . Take it easy, enjoying every second, be aware of the pleasure you feel and do not get carried away. But of course, you should put aside any negative thoughts that make you think that you will not last long. This will allow you to control the moment of ejaculation much better.

A technique that also helps is to take a little breath, a stop to calm down . Yes, in full debauchery it seems crazy, but it does not mean to just stop, just slow down a little, you recognize the responses of your body and you must be able to slow them down.

Now comes the big question, how? With practice, of course, and Black London Mistress is your tool . Get excited by looking at your reactions, learn to identify the moment before that in which there is no going back and before it arrives, relax the rhythm. When you have mastered the technique, it is time to practice as a couple!

And why not? You can also practice it with your better half , that will also give you a very important confidence. And if it is your boy who is going too fast, take the initiative and help him to stop.

Try something different

Sometimes it is not just a matter of technique and an extra help is great. We start with the love positions. Trying new things is always fun and adds a bit of life to the relationship, so get down to business. It is not about trying the entire Kamasutra, but about experimenting with new postures . Surely there is more than one that makes you or your partner take much longer to reach orgasm.

We keep trying new things, for example, retardant gels (there are condoms that already have them). How do they work? Simple, slightly numbing the penis so that the sensations are a little less intense.

And of course we can’t forget about some sex toys Black London Mistress. The most basic are the rings for the penis, which exert a slight pressure that helps control ejaculation. But in that exercise that we explained above to ‘stop’, vibrators can be a perfect complement.

You already know how to delay male ejaculation, so there is only one last piece of advice left: let’s get to work and enjoy!

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