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Roles in Dominatrix London : Types of submissive

In your journey of exploration as submissives you will discover that within the classic roles of Dom and sub, there are many other roles that define our tastes and preferences. It is important to have a global vision of these roles, this helps us to feel part of a community and to find friends and like-minded playmates, we already introduced you to the world with the previous post “ How to choose a dominant”. Many times it happens to us that we act in a certain way and we feel strange because in the community in which we move we do not see ourselves reflected; don’t worry, it’s not that you’re weird, you’re just in the wrong community. There are many roles, and rest assured that there are more people like you. In this post we are going to list the most popular types of submissive that exist, and thus you will know with which community you feel most identified.

The most popular submissive types

What makes a submissive  The first thing to understand is that submission is not the same for everyone and it is not the same in all relationships. Submission can take many forms, but these broad categories can be roughly divided.

Sexual submissives

BDSM Submissive sexual

They probably embody the cliché people have when it comes to submission. Sexual submissives enjoy giving up control during sex or when there is some sexual purpose. The sexual practices that can be carried out in BDSM are endless, and each submissive has her preferences and limits, but what they all have in common is that they enjoy sex without taboos.

Masochistic submissive

Masochistic submissives, as the name suggests, enjoy receiving pain. Like service submissives, their needs are not necessarily based on sex, although most of the time sex and pain are linked. This type of submissive usually has a preference for verbal, physical humiliation, degradation and torture, therefore,Dominatrix London their ideal dominant is a sadist.

Submissive of the ropes or “Rope Bunnies”

Representing the “B” of BDSM, there are the submissives of the ropes or “Rope Bunnies” in English, or what is the same: those people who like to be tied . Many of these submissives feel aroused by the fact of being immobilized and at the mercy of the dominant; they give total control of their body to a person who can manipulate them at will, and tie them without limit. In addition, the contact of the rope on the skin is very sensual for some of them. Its dominant counterpart, the one that ties, is called “Rigger” in English.

In the same way as in other BDSM practices, Bondage implies a certain degree of risk and that is why essential rules must be met to avoid accidents, such as never leaving the submissive tied up alone.

Submissive slaves

These submissive slaves are the height of submission. They like to differentiate themselves from other submissives, so they always prefer to be addressed as “slaves”, not submissive. There is no other type that can match your degree of commitment, sacrifice, and willingness to submit; no other guy can understand what it really takes to be a slave. There are submissives who can play slave for a certain period of time, but true slaves participate in the 24/7 dynamic: they are in the game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; or what is the same, BDSM is his only way of life. They live at the complete mercy of their Master, and they are happy that way.

Alpha Submissive

Alpha submissives are strong, independent, assertive and self-confident women in their day-to-day life and in the way they relate to other people, but who find it exciting for another person to dominate them. Many times, this type of submissive occupies important positions in their work, or positions that require a lot of responsibility, and all day they have to assume a dominant role. This can be exhausting, so by giving up your will at specific times, and especially in sexual situations, you can relax your body and mind.

The Kajira

The Kajira are sex slaves who belong to the fictional universe of the ” Chronicles of Gor ” book saga . In the BDSM community there are lovers of this saga who have adapted their roles to those of the universe of the saga, and the Kajira are an example of this.

More submissive classes

Service-oriented submissive

The ‘submissive submissives’ find their pleasure in serving their Dominant and anticipating his needs, making themselves an essential object for his comfort ; They like to prepare food or bath, clean, run errands, and ultimately, anything that makes life easier for their masters or Doms. It doesn’t have to be sexual, many submissives of this type are happy to please their Dom simply by doing housework or odd jobs for them. For example, a submissive on duty can be a personal assistant, driver, cleaning girl, secretary, etc. What makes them special is their ability to adapt to whatever task their Dom asks of them.

Submissive Brats or “Brats”

A Brat or “Brat” is a submissive who enjoys being naughty and defiant with the dominant. His disobedience is pathological, and his need for trolling is infinite. However, they usually do not do it with bad intentions, behaving like this simply try to get the attention of their dominant. They often act this way on purpose because they like punishment.

Small Submissives or “Littles”

A Little One is a person who feels mentally or physically younger than she really is, and acts based on that age. They are part of the fetish of “Ageplay” or age game, in which individuals acquire roles based on age. Thus, a Little One can adopt the role of an 8-year-old girl and behave as such, while her dominant counterpart would be the “Daddy” or Papi, who would adopt the role of father or mentor.

Ageplay is a role fetish that has nothing to do with pedophilia or pedophilia.

Submissive Pets or “Pets”

In animal role-playing games, a Pet is a submissive who takes the attitude of a companion animal , while the dominant plays the role of owner. There are several pet fetishes, the most popular of which are puppies (“puppy-play”), kittens (kitten-play) and ponies (“pony-play”).

The “pet-play” or pet game is a fetish roles that do not have anything to do with zoophilia or bestiality.

Submissive Prey or “Prey”

Within the Primal role-play, a fetish that consists of bringing out our inner animal and detaching ourselves from all civilized behavior , the Prey is the submissive part, which feels excited with the idea of ​​being hunted. The typical Primal scene is a couple chasing each other naked through the forest. The dominant counterpart of the Prey is the Predator.

Submissive stable

A stable submissive is one that is part of a group of submissives that belongs to a single dominant. A “block” is just that: a set of submissives who habitually live under the same roof as their dominant. It consists of the practice of BDSM and polygamy. 

Submissive “Sissy”

Submissive “Sissy” are submissive men who adapt attributes and characteristics traditionally belonging to the female gender. For example, men who enjoy wearing women’s clothing or lingerie and whose goal is self-feminization. Sissies are transvestite men who take on a submissive and passive role, often enjoying humiliation.

Differences between a slave and a submissive, or a slave and a submissive

Slaves differ from submissive in small details that may go unnoticed, broadly speaking, their way of acting, their motivations and the way they submit is very different. Slaves are more maximalists, without expecting mercy from the dominant, submissive people tend to be dragged more by the mercy of the dominant person …

The characteristics of submission and slavery are simply different, there are those who experience both roles playing with the limits of submission, they develop and where they go is their responsibility. The slave does not set the limits , as a personal option the person can totally abandon himself to the will of the dominant. It does not have to be a doormat without will forever, the will can return to the pleasure of each person who experiences the role. Like any relationship where the balance rests on the transfer of the person to the other, abuse is possible, however the relationship does not usually start with complete submission, but it is usually in a progressive or occasional way.

Broadly speaking, the fundamental difference is that although both roles begin by negotiating the “contract” with the dominant, the submissive has the opportunity to renegotiate, limit and agree, however the slave surrenders completely, renounces her rights and desires to replace them with those of his master, to whom he now belongs. The submissive obeys by deciding to do it each time and maintains her right to desire to do it or not. A slave restricts her desires to please him.

There are those who say that the submissive is the one who is beginning , first of all to accept herself and begin to learn from BDSM reading, and with a master she begins to understand herself, understand her nature, experience it, explore her own limits , discover its secret pleasures, etc. Until finally accepting as submissive or abandoning the path of submission.

The reality is that a submissive also seeks her own happiness through satisfaction for her achievements as a submissive, the well-trained slave only finds happiness in the satisfaction of her master. If the dominant wants to introduce third parties, for example to have sex, the submissive can adapt the situation to her preferences, which a slave would lack.

It is often thought that being a slave you do not have the right to leave if the relationship goes wrong, although your tolerance limits to consider what is abusive are higher than those of a submissive, the reality is that if you do not have a pathology that prevents you from discerning fictional reality you always have the option to drop out and you should always set the limit. It is the dominant’s obligation to keep the sub in good health.

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