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BDSM kits for beginners

The packages include different types of games and toys, none includes a torture rack, in any case the restrictions are adaptable to any support, with some bandages, some handcuffs and a little wax we can make a game of great eroticism, you can buy a whip, a collar and a gag to test the mastery games … You can enter our Dominatrix London kits section and explore all the possibilities, however we leave you a selection of the best sellers to the uninitiated.

Without further ado , we recommend that you communicate with your partner , whatever your tendency, if there is consent and no one gets hurt, it is healthy . And if you are already initiated into BDSM and want a complete kit, we have the extreme fantasy bag with a whole portable BDSM kit so that you can take your fantasies with you in a more tangible way. In addition to a multitude of specialized products in our online store.

Bandages, masks and feathers

Probably the most basic thing that can be tried: playing with a blindfold or a mask that covers our eyes, and you experience sensations with objects on the skin, such as feathers. They are safe, unless you can’t stand the tickling.

Tapes, handcuffs and restraints

Toys to limit movement. The simplest are very easy to introduce as a couple, like classic erotic handcuffs. These games already carry a little more risk.

Tweezers, shovels, whips

A set of black lace wristbands with red silk to tie him, a black lace mask and a small whip with a red silk bow to make him feel like the boss. Those that include whips, it is better to feel before, they tend to scandalize more despite being a totally normalized practice.

Tie me tight

One of the most popular bondage games, especially for beginners, is to tie the hands or legs . For this we can find a multitude of types of handcuffs. If we don’t have any at the moment, we can use a tie or a handkerchief . Okay, sure this had already occurred to you, but what if we get tougher and tie ourselves with the plastic rings that join the soda cans? Put a doll in each hole and thanks to the loose strips you can handle your lover as you want.

bdsm tie

Scarves, pasmins and handkerchiefs are very versatile for this type of game. They are used to tie parts of the body, to excite us by passing it through the genitals and to use it as reins or positioning harnesses. These types of harnesses are ropes that serve to hold the body and bring it closer as we wish at all times. Before using it, we must make sure that the handkerchief is resistant and not very slippery, lest it slip from our hands and do not end the night well. Therefore, as I said, for certain games it is better to go to professional products and not tempt your luck.

Playing with pain and pleasure

Another of BDSM’s own practices is learning to enjoy pain and pleasure sexually. When we do not know much about the world of bondage, we imagine that these situations are almost like torture rooms, but it is not like that at all. The fine line that separates pain from pleasure makes it increase and the sensations are received differently.


A very simple way to experience it is to squeeze sensitive and erogenous parts of our bodies, such as the nipples. There are many types of nipple clamps , even vibrating ones! If we have not yet dared to take the step, perhaps it is better to try at home with something as everyday as a clothespin to see what it looks like (although be careful, because they tend to squeeze quite hard!). Another idea is to do it with a hair clip. If it is used, it will not tighten as much as the clamp and thus we can gradually increase the intensity of pain and pleasure.


We like patting and spanking, whether we practice BDSM or not, but if we want to get hard and the session to be intense, better to use a whip than the hand. Whips, whips, shovels, rods … any of these lashing accessories serve to intensify the force. And at home? The wooden pallet in the kitchen can serve this well. The whip is a bit more difficult, but you still have something that works for you … maybe a belt or the fringes of a scarf .

Once again, we must be careful with the material and the use so as not to do ourselves the damage that we do not want to do ourselves. We seek to play with that, but safely.

Do not throw away the socks that just broke. Now they can change the drawer and go to the one with sex toys. Use it as a gag or as a face mask. You can make a mask with them and even a full mask, like in the robber movies. Do not forget to make the holes well.

Since we start to play covering the senses, we can also dare with a gag . In a moment of sudden inspiration you can use a slightly squashed plastic bottle, but in this case I would opt for one made for this purpose (see our BDSM shop). Some of the balls or bars of the jaws have holes to facilitate breathing, so they are much safer.

Do not do this! Things to avoid in home BDSM

Although at home we can find a lot of inspiration and dare to try new things without spending too much, there are some that we should not try. For example, use duct tape or packing tape instead of bondage tape. We can irritate the skin and injure ourselves. It is best to do some research and combine professional products with those of your own creation.
Before using any everyday object, make sure Dominatrix London it is in good condition and never penetrate with something that is not designed for it or has parts that can come off.

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