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BDSM Mistress London: Discover True Pleasure

The BDSM Mistress London is more aesthetic and has a new button that is longer than the previous version. In addition, it is much quieter! BDSM Mistress London What hasn’t changed is the pleasure it can bring you. Although, to enjoy its advantages, you first have to know how to use it. Here we explain how to enjoy this magnificent product.

How does the BDSM Mistress London?

The BDSM Mistress London is very easy to use. Pressing the circular power button will activate it. If you hold it down for a few seconds, it will turn off. The slightly larger oval-shaped button is the  mode button. With it you can increase or decrease the intensity . Once you have reached the highest level, if you continue to press it, you will go back down through the different intensities. Between both buttons is the red led light , which indicates that it is charging.

Remember that this article  is waterproof , so you can use it in the shower and bath, which makes cleaning super simple. This way, you don’t have to worry about the electrical parts getting wet and damaging it. However, don’t forget to remove the silicone head when you are cleaning it.

In the box, you will receive your Satisfyer, a brochure and a USB charging cable.

How to use the Satisfyer Pro?

If you wonder how to use this device,  you have to know that what it causes is completely different from anything else you have tried before. In just a few minutes, Satisfyer Pro 2 begins to work its magic and can bring you maximum pleasure by stimulating parts of your clitoris that are often overlooked.

Nothing is wrong with this toy. To make it work and be perfectly positioned where you need it, you need to hold it in one place. In addition, it is very easy to put it back. Sometimes  a little movement interrupts the suction  and this leads you to use it in a slightly different position that gives you the same or more pleasure.

The best thing is that orgasms are wonderful. By this we mean that your muscles do not get tired, you do not suffer from cramps or you are exhausted. It’s like climaxing, but without going through all the “pre-work” to get there. Combined with a little water-based lube on your clitoris and thanks to its silicone head, an incredible journey awaits you.

You can reach orgasm easily just by leaving it on the clitoris, although you will enjoy it much more if you move it at your own pace to create more suction. If you have any questions about the Satisfyer Pro 2  and how it works , you can contact us and send it to us.

Pin your sub in your favorite position! The kennel is an adjustable cage with a padded board and optional positioning bars. Lock your sub inside the BDSM Mistress London clad metal casing and get creative.

Catch your head between the silicone-filled front entry bars so they’re perfectly positioned for force-feeding. Leave it on the comfortable, padded leather-like board for extended role-play sessions or remove it to punish a mischievous pet.

Positioning bars allow you to lift your bootie, feet, or chin, but can also be used to keep your head, shoulders, and waist down. Get the exact look that makes your blood pump harder!

Attach your restrictions, not included, to keep them in place. This versatile cage is an excellent addition to your dungeon or bedroom, creating a striking image. Assembly instructions are included.

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