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Clitoral Stimulators | What You Need To Know About Bdsm Mistress London Toys

The clitoris is one of the areas of the body that produces the most pleasure for women. Of course, it is very important to know how to stimulate it correctly. You can get BDSM Mistress London to help you achieve it. Discover our range of clitoral stimulators at the click of a mouse.

Discover our range of clitoral stimulators

In our erotic online store you can find a wide variety of stimulators for the clitoris , massagers, suckers, wands and rampant bunnies. Which one do we recommend? Before you get one of them, it is best that you know them all

The clitoris massager is a device, usually curved in shape and with a vibrator, that stimulates both your  clitoris and the external area of ​​the vagina. Massagers are ideal for women who do not like penetration too much.

The clitoral sucker contains a hole through which waves come out that produce intense pleasure. Among the best suckers on the market is the satisfyer .

The wand is a very precise type of massager that you have to place at the exact point where the clitoris is to stimulate it thanks to the vibration. To use this type of stimulator, BDSM Mistress London it is important that you know your body very well.


The Rampant Bunny is a toy in the shape of a bunny that stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. Bunnies are perfect for women who want to feel the penetration and pleasure of the clitoris at the same time. If you want total pleasure, this is one of the best models you can choose.

What other aspects should you take into account when getting a clitoral stimulator?

Above all,  look for quality . Choose sex toys with hypoallergenic silicone or non-porous, body-friendly materials to prevent infection.

Acquire the most suitable toy for your circumstances . Are you a female traveler, for example? Get a smaller toy with a discreet design.

  • See how many levels of stimulating waves or vibration modes it offers.
  • If you want maximum discretion, get a particularly quiet model .
  • If you like to get pleasure from showering, look for a waterproof toy .

What do we recommend when using a clitoral stimulator?

To wash

Wash your stimulator before and after using it according to the instructions.


Lubricate it with a waterfeel lubricant to enjoy the pleasure to the fullest.


Store it clean in its box and without it coming into contact with other objects that could make it dirty or spoil it. Remember to store it in an area away from the sun and high temperatures.

One last recommendation: BDSM Mistress London ry using it as a couple. The toy is a good way to rekindle the spark of passion that is so important in relationships.

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